Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relax, Have Fun And Eat Well At Amici !

The Freaky, absolutely delightful Food Lover Andrea!!

Amici is my kind of a place: a nice casual eatery located in the corner of a buzzing mall with wholesome comfort food. I was all smiles as I walked into the café; the courteous manager, Anand Thakur and one enthusiastic talker (later got to know, he was Andrea) engaged in knowing if the guest was enjoying the food, caught my eye and I smiled better!

The wood construction, simple colourful furniture, large neat counter tops running by the side of the large sunny window added to the happy and cheerful feel. And I thought, ‘Wow’ – all this in the middle of the mall!!

Amici as the name implies “Friends” in Italian, is truly the theme of the café as it really offers a place to meet, chat and eat well.

The restaurant has 50 covers and is open from 11am to 11pm, hence ideal for a cup of coffee and quick bite for those wanting a respite after a heavy shopping expedition. Or a cheerful treat joint offering a plethora of Italian pizzas, pastas, fresh baked goods, salads, soups, mains and amazing coffee for all those hanging out in the mall.


Amici seamlessly blends together the convenience of location, alfresco and indoor stylish dining options, free wi-fi and book reading corners.

The décor exudes warmth and homely feel. Says Andrea, “I wanted to create a café which has an urban Italian and casual feel and is inviting enough where friends can come, meet and have a fun time.”


The menu looks interesting and the open kitchen showcasing the chef busy rolling out a pizza, or conjuring up a great pasta, makes it even more tempting.

The focus in designing the menu has been on offering good quality food at affordable price. Beetroot Ravioli, BBQ Chicken Burger, Piri Piri Chicken Pizzas, Confused Confucius, Shakahari Favourite, Garden Fresh Salad are Andrea’s recommendations. The list actually goes on.

For desserts, the counter full of beautiful, tempting bakery helps you choose what looks best.

Andrea Aftab Pauro, The messenger of good food

The happy go lucky Andrea is the creator of the hugely successful Baci and now a chain of Amici.

Andrea Aftab Pauro is a half Indian half Italian enthusiastic restaurateur. Andrea has always held a strong sense of passion in the field of hospitality. Armed with a degree in hotel management from the University Of Denver, Colorado, his passion has seen great results.

The genes too worked well as Andrea has an ancestral heritage of hospitality, the iconic Imperial Hotel in New Delhi being founded by the Indian side of his family in 1934.

The highly ambitioned Andrea found no such concept of authentic Italian food in Delhi and came up with Baci in Sunder Nagar in 2004. It was after Baci’s success, that Andrea started the success trail of Amici.

As I dig into my mushroom cream pasta, Andrea looks at me, waiting to see my reaction. He smiles as he understands I am loving it and I get into a tete-a-tete with him.

Here it goes:

· So what is one single mission of yours in launching restaurants?

Andrea – Create a ‘happy’ place where people can eat and enjoy. Simply love to be there and have good food.

· What elements you kept in mind for Amici ?

Andrea : Many, its my dream project as it is in a mall so all the more difficult to create some character. I wanted :

· It to be absolute spic and span.

· Low on maintenance.

· Have lot of natural light.

· Have natural, homely, comfy feel and not stiff environs.

· Urban industrial finish.

· Open kitchen to make it very informal.

· Easy Going Café.

There must have been many challenges in your journey so far? Name few.

Andrea : Yes, many. Firstly, real estate is really expensive in Delhi. Secondly, there is no system of getting consistent quality of good ingredients. One day it is good, other day it could be really bad. And third, the cost of food supplies is very high.

· What is more important, Food or Ambience?

Andrea : Both 100%. No compromise on either. No half half.

· What do you have to say about Delhi diners?

Andrea : Oh, they are the lot that like to eat well. They are also opening up to experiment but need to be given good options.

· Expansion Plans?

Andrea : Next Amici in West Delhi in Pacific mall and soon next and next……

· What is your favourite cuisine?

Andrea : Anything, I love and live to eat. Right from chana bhatura to Japanese to Italian, I simply love to gorge.

· Your motto in life?

Eat well, live well. Don’t get too serious about your food, just enjoy.

Visit Amici for great quality food made with the finest ingredients offered at great value prices. You can also take delight in the Illy coffee, one of the most tempting coffees, served at Amici.

Signature Dishes At Amici

* Pizzas - Salsiccia Pizza, Caprese Pizza

* Chorizo Amatriciana Pasta

· Tenderloin Burger

Signature Drinks

Shakes –Dark Chocolate Oreo Shake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Coffee – Café Macchiato by Illy

Where : Select City Walk, Saket, Delhi


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